What We Do

Road safety is a big issue in modern day life and with our random and sporadic weather conditions our roads can become even more treacherous. Whether you are a fleet operator, large business, parents of a novice driver or just someone who wants to improve their own driving skills we can provide you with the knowledge and skills to recognize, recover and most importantly prevent an accident situation.

We are based in the West Midlands (15 minutes from Junctions 7 and 6 of the M5) on a 200 acre secure site. Our highly qualified instructors have a range of 10 to 30 years of experience in teaching Police/emergency services, Military/government personnel and motorsport/racing drivers and now we are offering this knowledge and experience in advanced road craft and accident prevention to the general public. At Sanden Driver Training we offer a range of extensive training packages designed to improve awareness and reactions in drivers of all skill levels.

Most modern cars are fitted with ABS, a braking system which assists the driver in an emergency stop situation by not allowing the wheels to ‘lock’ thus maintaining traction and allowing you to steer around a potential hazard preventing a potentially fatal impact. If your vehicle isn’t fitted with ABS we can show you some manual braking drills such as cadence and threshold braking, which if done correctly will achieve the same result. By the end of all our advanced courses you will be fully equipped with the knowledge, experience and confidence to handle your car in an emergency situation. It could save your life and that of others.