Mike Snow

Mike Snow is a specialist Training Instructor who entered the commercial world after a full career in the Royal Marines. Eight years of this military service were spent as a member of a Special Forces Unit employed as a covert surveillance Operator and Instructor. He left the military in 1988 and relocated to South Africa where he lived and worked for 13 years. During this time he worked and travelled extensively throughout sub Saharan Africa engaged in surveillance and investigation tasks against a variety of organized crime syndicates.

From 2003 he has specialised in the delivery of all aspects of Hostile Environment Awareness Training and Specialist Driving Skills in both the UK and overseas. Specialist Driving includes, Instinctive and Evasive techniques, High Speed (Progressive) and 4×4 Off-Road.

Mike Snow is an experienced and highly trained individual with a proven ability to adapt his teaching skills to meet the diverse range of requirements demanded by the modern day client.