Close Protection Driver Training

Our ROSPA accredited 1 day ‘Elite Driver Training’ is the most intensive and comprehensive package on the market, aimed at drivers that are part of close protection teams.

The course covers the following:

Advanced, Instinctive and Evasive Driving Techniques

•  Hazard Awareness and Crash Avoidance
•  Skid Control/Prevention
•  Emergency Braking Drills
•  High Speed Vehicle Handling
•  Close Proximity Driving
•  Rolling Slalom
•  Hard Reverse ‘J’ Turns
•  Ramming Techniques
•  Collision Damage Mitigation
•  Cross Over Drills
•  Threat Scenario’s

Benefits of Elite Driver Training

•  Improved knowledge of vehicle dynamics
•  Enhance driver confidence
•  Improves technical ability
•  Enable drivers to react positively to hazardous situations

Course costs: from £250 per person