Brian Sanders

Having served an engineering apprenticeship, Brian then joined the Police service, not long after he became a traffic Patrol Officer and in 1970 became a Grade 1 Advanced driver with a recommendation to become an instructor in the future. In Feb 1973 he became a qualified Advanced car instructor, having been top of his class.

He furthered his career by becoming a patrol Motor Cyclist and also instructing in the Force driving school when required. He qualified as a Grade 1 Advanced Motor Cyclist in 1973, and in 1975 became an Advanced Motor Cycle Instructor. He moved to the Force driving school on a more permanent basis using his skills to teach other Police Officers driving and riding skills. Some of the vehicles used at that time were reasonably high powered including B.M.W. Ford Cosworths. Vauxhall Senaters.

During this time at the driving school Brian also gave instruction in surveillance and anti-surveillance techniques, as well as becoming a member of a small team of Officers who specialized in protecting any member of the Royal family that visited the Force. Brian was the nominated Royal driver for these events, and therefore has driven and had the responsibility for the safety of his passenger. These duties came about as a result of taking part in and successfully completing a Close Protection course.

Later in his career he became a Chief Officers driver, again having the same responsibilities as with Royalty. He then moved back to the driving school and spent most of time teaching at advanced level in cars, this included teaching Skid Control techniques on a skid cradle.

Brian then left the Force on retirement, but a short time later was asked to return as a support staff member to manage the Force Skid Training department using his skills as a qualified Skid Instructor, during this time he was involved in training most of the Midlands region of Ambulance drivers, as well as the regions Police officers, members of the UK special forces, specialist Police units, S.O.C.A. and specialist government agencies.

Brian is also a qualified off road 4X4 trainer, with many years of experience in this field. He finally retired from the Police service in 2011 to set up his own business in partnership with Matt Dennis.