Skid Control Advanced Crash Avoidance

With the use of skid car cradle technology we can simulate under steer, over steer, snow, ice and wet weather conditions at the touch of a button mimicking every situation you may be presented with out on our roads. The only way to prepare for these situations is to learn what causes loss of control and ultimately how to correct a skid which will be the main focus of this course.

Based on a half day under our tuition, we offer Skidcar training that covers the following:

• Under steer, over steer and four wheel skids
• Aquaplaning
• Use of ABS braking
• Cadence/threshold braking
• Crash avoidance

Once you have arrived at the training facility you will be given a short safety brief followed by a presentation outlining the theory of skid control. After a quick demonstration you will get behind the wheel and our instructor will put you through your paces. We end the session with a short course evaluation and debrief answering any questions you may have to ensure you take the most away from your session.