Corporate Events


For our corporate clients, stag/hen do’s or just a group wanting to burn some adrenaline (and rubber)! We can offer a variety of challenges and driving themed packages, these can be a full/half day event and tailored to your individual requirements, all you have to do is pick your challenge, turn up, and we will provide the vehicles and the time trial challenges!
Challenges include:
• Slalom/gate track
• Skid Car ‘ice course’
• Slalom/Garage course
• ‘flat out’ 1 mile power track
• Team Building ‘Crazy Cars’
(takes up to 3 people to drive one car)
• 4×4 Off Road Course
All these can be done for fun (with a team build twist) or using our professional motor sport timing gear to add that competitive edge.


Alternatively you can do our SANDEN TEAM BUILDING DAY which, although there are driving based challenges, the day is geared so that the clients will have to use their head as much as their feet to successfully complete the challenges. I won’t spoil the surprise but you will arrive at our facility and be split into groups, from then on you will be faced with a series of decisions and challenges (like a certain popular motoring show) that will test your ability to make team decisions and drive for the good of your team, this will be tailored to suit the requirements of the organiser.
You will be advised upon booking what vehicles we have at that point in time. We are very flexible and can tailor any course to suit your requirements, just email us and custom build your day!As mentioned before we are very flexible and can provide combinations of the above options so that you can tailor your event to suit your requirements.